Audioguide Leutstetten Moss

Tour 82319 Starnberg, DE

This non-commercial walk was created in 2021 as part of a project (P-Seminar) at Gymnasium Tutzing. This trail is meant to be traveled by bike and will lead you from Starnberg to Leutstetten and then through the Leutstetten moss. You will have the option to stop at several stations and to learn new things! This trip can be done with kids! Have fun!

Autor: Rina Tutzing

13 Stationen

0. Welcome!

82319 Starnberg, DE

Welcome to our audio guide! As you already know, this guide will lead you around the area of the Leustetten Moss. Feel free to pause the tracks at any time. We hope you enjoy!

1. Start

82319 Starnberg, DE

To reach the start of the trail, you can use the Munich S-Bahn line S6 to Starnberg Nord or you can drive there with your car aswell. There aren't loads of parking lots near the first stop but you can leave your car on the parking space of EDEKA, next to the train station.

2. Molasse conglomerate wall

Riedener Weg 52, 82319 Starnberg, DE

Now you should have arrived at the first stop. Listen to the audio track and if you aren't able to see the wall well, don't hesitate to get off your bikes and get closer!

3. Drei-Bethen-Well

Mühlthal 121, 82319 Starnberg, DE

You reached the 2nd stop! To get an overwiev over the three wells you should get off of your bikes again. Please don't leave your bikes right on the trail. There are many people who use this trail, so please do not block it! Also, please do not drink the water from the well!
The second picture shows the hill on which the castle, we will talk about later, stands. you are able to see this hill on your way back to the street you came from.

4. Mühltal

82319 Starnberg, DE

Take your time while looking at the Mühltal! It looks like a fairytail forest doesn't it?

5. Karlsburg

Mühlthal 124, 82319 Starnberg, DE

Welcome to the ruin of the Karlsburg (castle)! Feel free to walk around the hill top and to search for remains of the old castle. Can you find some?

6. Welcome to part II of this route!

82319 Starnberg, DE

Welcome tho the second part of this route!

7. Glacier and the moor

Unnamed Road, 82319 Starnberg, DE

While listening to this track, enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps and the moor!

8. Schloss Leutstetten

Wangener Straße 2, 82319 Starnberg, DE

While looking at the beautiful Leutstetten castle, enjoy some facts about its history in this track!

9. Villa Rustica

Unnamed Road, 82319 Starnberg, DE

Have you ever seen an ancient remains of a roman farm? This is what you can expect in this station! Enjoy!

10. The moor

82319 Starnberg, DE

The next track will lead you through the Letstetten Moor! If you feel uneasy on the small wooden bridges or if it is to crowded, feel free to get of your bikes and enjoy the interesting nature of the moor by foot!

11. Erratic

Buchhofstraße 31, 82319 Starnberg, DE

In this station you will see a rock, but not just any rock. Interested? Then please play this track!

End (position)

Seepromenade 3b, 82319 Starnberg, DE