Climate Change in the Neighborhood

Stadtführung Kuckhoffstraße 2 -22, 13156 Berlin, DE

Climate change is a topic that concerns each and everyone of us. During this tour through Pankow, you will recognize how closely our everyday life is connected with not only the effects of climate change but also the measures against it. What can I do in order to live more sustainable and what has already been done? Start the walk and find out!

Autor: Jan-Mathis Aden

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Green living and eco-houses

Heinrich-Böll-Straße 42, 13156 Berlin, DE

The settlement in the Heinrich-Böll-Straße in Pankow is an impressive example for ecological and economical buildings in the middle of the city. It shows a good combination of tasteful living with consideration for the environment.

Urban gardens

Aubertstraße 3, 13127 Berlin, DE

Gardens in an urban environment can be achieved trough various unique gardening concepts. With those concepts you‘ll be able to grow plants in the city.

Second-hand stores

Breite Straße 2, 13187 Berlin, DE

Secondhand vs. Fast Fashion
In an Interview with Dana, the owner of the Thirft Store „Neuer Tag - neues Glück“ we are going to talk about the importance of secondhand shopping and what makes it sustainable.


Ossietzkystraße 25, 13187 Berlin, DE

For a greener and healthier Pankow.

Effects of heat

Am Schloßpark 34, 13187 Berlin, DE

The castle park also takes consequences of climate change that you might not notice at first sight. Nevertheless, measures have been taken to maintain the castle park, which have already begun to show signs of deterioration. Nevertheless, it is important to talk about the effects of heat using the example of the castle park.

Charging station for electric vehicles

Hermann-Hesse-Straße 14, 13156 Berlin, DE

An electric vehicle charging station is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles: including electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.