Become the guide with DigiWalk

City tours, exhibition-guides, guided walks, interactive bar crawls, a personal audio guide ... there's (almost) nothing you can't do with DigiWalk. Simply register on our website and create your own Walk. The visitors can then do the Walks using our apps for iPhone and Android. All of that for free!

Well then, how can I create my own guided tour?

You can easily create your own guided tour on DigiWalk.

  • Register on
  • Create your own Walk.
  • Add stations.
  • Add texts, music, audio, images and videos.
  • Enter data for the navigation and publish easily.

All of that happens intuitively and easily in our web interface. Therefore it is very easy for you to add to it and keep it up to date.

Why should I do that?

There are many reasons to create your own guided tours using DigiWalk. Here are a few examples:

  • There are many reasons to create your own guided tours using DigiWalk. Here are a few examples:
  • You are planning an exhibition. Why not give your guest little more information about your pieces using DigiWalk?
  • You want to show your friends and other interested people the most beautiful spots on your favourite island. Create your own interactive tour guide using DigiWalk.
  • You have a vast amount of knowledge about your city or the area where you live? Pass it on and create you your own Walk for friends, guests and other interested people.
  • You want to give visitors more information on your product at your convention booth? Create a QR-code using DigiWalk, print it, hang it and all the attendees of the convention have all the information at their disposal using the DigiWalk-App!

So what can DigiWalk do?

  • Simple creation of your own guided tours on our website
  • Presentation of your guided tours in our apps for all Apple and Android devices
  • Up to 50 stations per Walk. / Can be expaned upon request
  • Incorporate audio, music, commentary, images, galleries, texts and videos into your stations.
  • Generate QR-codes for individual stations or your entire Walk.
  • Multiple languages - Create Walks and stations in multiple languages
  • And so much more.

Is DigiWalk truly free? No hidden costs?

Yes, DigiWalk is completely free, no hidde costs whatsoever! Everybody can create their own guided tours at no cost. The same goes for the DigiWalk app!

Can I personalise my Walk?

Yes, that will be possible soon. You will be able to optically adjust you Walks, e.g. by incorprating your own logos and ads beween stations. This service will cost something. More information to follow.

I'd like to have my own app for my Walks! Is that possible?

We are currently working on an automated individualisation-sytstem. As soon as we've integrated it Walk can be changed in their presentation, i.e. branding them.