A walk around Camarzana

Tour Calle Carretera 30A, 49332 Camarzana de Tera, ES

in this tour we are going to see the most interensting places of camarzana de tera . This is a small village in the north of Zamora . This village is important for the pomace

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Roman Village

Calle Carretera 30A, 49332 Camarzana de Tera, ES

In this Roman village we can see beautiful mosaics . It is a very good option if you go to Camarzana de tera and you want to enjoy our cultural heritage

El Castro

49332 Camarzana de Tera, ES

Isan Asset of Cultural Interest since 1994 in the category of archaeological zone.

Located on a hill, this site presents the typical characteristics . Is located in the mountainous areas near the river .The archaeological materials, they have collected pieces in quartzite and hand-made ceramics from the Iron Age were also recorded.

The Hermitage

N-525 30, 49332 Camarzana de Tera, ES

This is a place of pilgrimage for residents during the town festivals.
It is founded in the 17th century by the brotherhood of the Eternal Father.

The Regato

Diseminado Diseminados Pum 24, 49626, ES

El Regato is located near the left of the Tera River, the terminus of Camarzana de Tera. Isolated from the population, it is an attractive place for lovers of hunting, fishing, picturesque landscapes and good food.

The Tera river

ZA-105 1, 49332 Camarzana de Tera, ES

The Tera is a river in northwest Spain, a tributary of the Esla River .
It has a bar and in the summer the people spent the day there