Tour Calle Carretera 39, 49331 Vega de Tera, ES

In this tour we are going to see 5 things of Vega De Tera. It´s a small village in Zamora but very beautiful.

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The church

The church of Vega De Tera dates back to the year 1775 .
It has a vault with one angel in each corner. It is made of stone and has a tower with a weather vane.
It is 764 metres high.

The city hall

It was built in year 1979.
It has three floors. It is made of brick and has a clock, It is 15m high.
Meetings of political groups are held and it has a house at the top, it is in the town square.

The pool

It was built in the year 2000.
Its measurements are 40m long and 12m wide, with a depth of 1,90m in the deepest part.
Around it there are bathrooms and wardrobes.
It has a park nearby.

The park

It was built in 1995.
It has 2000 square metres of surface.
In the center there is the bar, behind it there are activities of children and in front is the dance floor where the festivals of the village are celebrated.

The Agavanzal reservoir

It is a dam. It was built in 1992. It contains the water until the next one, which is Valparaíso. Downstream of the reservoir the Tera River continues its course.
It is built on the Tera River between Olleros de Tera and Vega de Tera.
It has a length approx. 400m.
It is used is to produce ligth.
In the summer many people go to bathe in it. There are many fish like trouts, groats, rows...