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Tour Mġarr, MT

Selfies and photos are simply part of a vacation in GOZO. With SALYgo Tour & Fun you not only have the best technology at your disposal. Our professional tour guides are specialists. Your day tour becomes a very personal EVENT. You simply download your TOURBOOK and have a sensational collection at the end of your tour. As a reminder

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Qala, MT

Gozo Highlights. The Blue Lagoon is full of boats, people. Party atmosphere. But only 800 meters away, you will find a paradise. It is said that Odysseus seduced the beautiful Calypso here. Or vice versa? Probably. After all, Calypso was the most beautiful woman in the world. MY POOL is a real SECRET. Lots of room for action and even more room for swimming, snorkeling, kissing. Around sunset in summer there is a natural event for free. Small flying fish are looking for a safe place here. Breathtakingly beautiful is this place. I call it MY POOL. Everyone who swims here can say it: It is MY POOL for a while. Unforgettable. SALYgo Gozo Tours will bring you here.

Deep Blue

St. Lawrence, MT

DEEP BLUE - is an area protected by the sea with unique charisma. A HOT SPOT for snorkeling and diving. And just around the corner the Pratennest. A small inland lake connected to the sea by a natural opening through the rocks. Imagine how pirates once brought their treasures here. Maybe you will find the treasure.

Tower Nadur

Nadur, MT