Hamburg Spaß und Freude Deluxe

Stadtführung Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5, 20459 Hamburg, DE

A brisky walk along the beautiful Elb.

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11 Stationen

Youth Pension

Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5, 20459 Hamburg, DE

St Michaelis church

Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg, DE

One of five Lutheran main Churches of Hamburg, considered to be one of the finest Protestant baroque churches.

How high is the Main tower?

Old Elb Tunnel

Bei den Sankt Pauli-Landungsbrücken 8, 20359 Hamburg, DE

Built in 1911, the old elbe tunnel undergoes the whole width of the elbe river, in order to enable pedestrians and vehicles to cross without hindering the ships. Due to the time of it's construction it was a great technological feat to construct such a monsterous tunnel.

How long is the Elb Tunnel?

Submarine That|s totally not a museum

Sankt Pauli Fischmarkt 10, 20359 Hamburg, DE

A tango class submarine from the soviet navi, which is docked in the harbour of Hamburg. Open to visitors who take interest in old war technologies or take a generall interest in the technical structure of warships.

By whom is the Submarine placed in the harbour?

Beach St. Pauli

Sankt Pauli Hafenstraße 89, 20359 Hamburg, DE

Beach please!

The Fishmarket

Große Elbstraße 9, 22767 Hamburg, DE

Active since the 16th century, this market is world famous for it's broad variety of differnt sea critters and fish. It's had an important role in the economical structure of Hamburg. Propaply a little stinky, if you dislike fish.

How much is a fish sandwich?

A random main Church

Kirchenstraße 40, 22767 Hamburg, DE

Very Church. Looks interesting. Much Wow. There is a park nearby.


20359 Hamburg, DE

Lively, different maybe a little dangerous at night, but Penny will always pull through.

How many crackheads did you see?


Reeperbahn 112, 20359 Hamburg, DE

Opened in 2002, this Penny market was long plagued by alcoholics and other shady characters. In 2006, a four-part documentary series about this market was produced by Spiegel tv, through which it became a social media powerhouse with the help of various memes. It also hosts various celebrities, such as the Captain zur See or the Lebensmittelkontrolleur.

Hamburger Dom

Glacischaussee 20, 20359 Hamburg, DE

A large fair held in the center of Hamburg at the Heiligengeistfeld. It's the biggest fair held throughout germany and attracts approximatly 10 million visitors from around the world.

How big is the Ferris Wheel?

Youth Pension End

Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5, 20459 Hamburg, DE