Menzel bourguiba

Stadtführung Menzel Bourguiba, TN

I will show you my home town!

Autor: Hiba Majdoub

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El byessa

Avenue de l’Indépendance 6, 7050 Menzel Bourguiba, TN

This place is called "BYESSA" in the city center of Menzel Bourguiba, it's composed by a Pavillon in the center of the square and in the other part trees/Palm trees and some benches around the trees.
Some culitural and music events took part in this place, and people can meet there,drink coffee and talk..
I like this garden because it represent one of the best place to meet with friends in the midtown near to the main institusions and markets of the city...

El Samba

Menzel Bourguiba, TN

This place is called locally the “Samba” which means the statute in English, which is located at the centre of the city of Menzel Bourguiba. It is surrounded by the basic service offices such as the Municipality, post office, the banks, and the supermarket. This place is well known for its 8 streets that exists only in Menzel Bourguiba. This place is special as it gathers all people in Menzel Bourguiba.

Park Stuttgart

Menzel Bourguiba, TN

Park Stuttgart Menzel bourguiba

Stade Aziz Jeb allah

Menzel Bourguiba, TN

This is the Stadium of “Aziz Jeb Allah” in Menzel Bourguiba. In this place, there is a boxing room, a Karate room and two Football grounds. Unfortunately, the main ground is closed since 2015 and only the sub one is open now. On this ground, many football games took place, many wins and many losses.
The young people of Menzel Bourguiba can meet and practice different sporting activities in the Stadium of “Aziz Jeb Allah”. The Youth can make the change there, they can fight the concerned authorities and make pressure on them to reopen the main ground of the Stadium in order to gain further places for sports. Moreover, they can renew the rooms and their materials or to push the municipality to buy new sporting equipments.



The national park of Ichkeul is located north of Tunisia , more precisely 25 k south east bizerte, i love visiting Ichkeul because of its natural and wonderful views. I also like hiking especially in spring