Open Space for Youth Strasbourg

Stadtführung Place des Orphelins 1a, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Strasbourg seen from the eyes of young people

Autor: Youth Express Network

Youth Express Network - European Network of Youth Organisations

Youth Express Network - European Network of Youth Organisations

Youth Express Network is a European network of youth organisations. Its vision is to reach an inc...

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City Hall

Parc de l'Étoile 1, 67100 Strasbourg, FR

Where the youth council has its meetings

European Parliament

Avenue du Président Robert Schuman 1, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Where the European Union decides about young people's future

Club de Jeunes l'Etage

Quai des Bateliers 19, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Social restaurant and shelter for homeless young people and families.
L’Etage welcomes the most disadvantaged people by proposing them a place to stay, offering a convivial moment full of warmth and kindness, animal mediation, for the psychological well-being of users between 18 and 25. The organisation offers also social support for administrative procedures, housing or emergency accommodation. This place allows young people to have a place where they can meet over coffee, tea, hot chocolate, have internet access and a postal address.
During the first lockdown 40 000 meals were served during 3 months.

Strasbourg University

Rue Blaise Pascal 4, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

This is a picture of the campus of the Strasbourg University (here the campus).
It is quite green and young people like to hang out outside on the campus.


Place de la Cathédrale 17, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Cathedral square: main church of Strasbourg + Christmas market

Council of Europe

Avenue de l'Europe 528, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

The other European institution having its seat in Strasbourg.
Here young people can be represented and can shape European youth policies as well (ENTER recommendation: access to rights for young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods / ENTER youth meeting)

Kleber square

Place Kléber 8, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Main square in Strasbourg.
Kleber square is where the roads in Strasbourg cross. and it is a meeting point for young people, where they can hang around.

Youth Express Network Office

Place des Orphelins 1, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Where the magic happens

Republic square

Place de la République 2, 67000 Strasbourg, FR

Another parc where young people can meet their friends.
It has also very old trees.