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Stadtführung Gutenbergstraße 16, 70176 Stuttgart, DE

Citytour to favourite places of young people in Stuttgart. As well as a tour to public places, which have been transformed by (young) active people to improve the quality of life in their city.

Autor: Bettina Szotowski

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Schwabstraße 95, 70193 Stuttgart, DE

No 0:
The Moltkeplatz is the Center of Stuttgart-West. There is the Citizen Center (where you can get your passport etc.), the gym for several Schools close by, a playgroung and several stores.

No 1:
This calesthenics equiptment was built and partially financed by the youth council. After the youth council of Stuttgart-West descided that we wanted this built we put in a request at the Bezirksbeirat, some Kind of small parliament responsible for Stuttgart-West. The Bezirksbeirat supported the idea and helped to Finance it. After the plans (very, very slowly) passed through all the buerocratic stages of the City, it was finally built and opend one and a half years ago.

No 2:
This entrance to the Gym was closed for a while becouse the area was very dark and misused for drugs. The youth council realised the Problem and after some buerocracy it was cleand up and some of the bushes were removed to lighten up the entrance.

No 3:
This old Graffiti was painted two and a half years ago. It is not there anymore. It was a Group Project of the youth council. Painted on the east side of the gym.

No 4:
The youth Center is also at this place. Kids and Teenagers can come here after School and do several activities.

No 5:
The newer Grafiti was painted one and a half years ago with a professional sprayer. We designed and painted it together. It portrays the thoughts of a Young Teenager and her worries abut the world.


Hohenheimer Straße 119, 70184 Stuttgart, DE

The Teehaus, or in English tea house, is a protected pavilion in Art Nouveau style. The garden and Terrace outside the Teehaus have a beautiful lookout point, from where you get a View of the whole city Center.
I connect the Teehaus with an unconcerned after work beer in summer with friends. That is the reason the Teehaus has become one of my favorite places in Stuttgart.
The „Teehaus“ in Stuttgart is also one of my favorite places. I love the view and the posibility to just sit in the sun and meditate. I have a lot of nice memorys with my friends on this hill called Bopser.

When I first encountert this hill I did this with one of my best friends he hated me for it because we walked the hole mountain up from the city center. But he also fell in love with that place and everytime we meet after a long time we meeting up there and have a cold „Club Mate“ from the "Teehaus".


Gutenbergstraße 16, 70176 Stuttgart, DE

No 1:
The central Building of the Feuersee is the Johannes Church. The Name of the lake translates to fire lake. Originally the lake was used as a water Reservoir for fire fighters in case of fire in this densly populated area. The church was partly destroyed in WW II. The main parts were reconstructed. Though the Tower of the church did not get back ist tip to be a reminder of war.

No 2:
A couple of years ago one side of the lake was renovetad. It is now inviting People to take a break and sit down.

No 3:
About a year ago the rest of the lake was renovated. Now there is benches and tables all arround the lake, including These fancy tables with chairs with chessboard on the table.

No 4+5:
There are several types of ducks Living in the lake. The big Brown ones originate from the Nil. There are also two swans Living in the lake who apperantly believe it is their Job to attac the other ducks and make them get out of the water. (I call them the mean old swan and the mean Young swan)
Watching the ducks can be very interesting especcially for Children and during spring when they have their Offspring.

No 6:
According to urban myth the turtles in the lake were originally pets and got put there by their owners. But now they have found their home and there are now more than 50 of them. If you look closely you might also be able to spot some fish in the Picture. It is those big black shadows in the water. To my Knowledge there is only one type of fish.

Casa Schützenplatz

Kernerstraße 45, 70182 Stuttgart, DE

„Casa“ was born out of the project „Nachbarschaft selbst gemacht“, which means self made Neighborhood. The residents of the area took a Parklet and redesigned to a „Piazza“. The residents meet there after work or at the weekend to chill and have a chat with each other or to take care of the Flower beds. Beside that the residents organize events like for example concerts or Repair Cafés.

Travertinpark Stuttgart

Hartensteinstraße 5, 70376 Stuttgart, DE

The Travertin Park in Stuttgart Hallschlag is only about 4 Years old. It was an abandoned quarry, now everyone in Hallschlag is going their to watch the great view over Bad-Cannstatt or just to relax in the little nature area between Houses and a big waste incineration plant. It’s peacefull and nice at day time, when the clock strikes 8pm the youth is coming out to chill, laugh, listen to music and have some drinks. In some pictures you can see the old stonemasonry workshop where they cut the stones in the right sice and loaded it into trains. Also in one Picture you can see the children's day care center „Mauga Nescht“ where every year the „Mobile Jugendarbeit Hallschlag“, the team of the center and some sponsors are hosting the yearly Neighborhood festival and event „Staffel Flitz“. It’s a big event where everyone from Hallschlag young and old can participate in anyway. Run the marathon, cook meals, mix drinks or help us out to guide the participants of the run in the right direction.


Württembergstraße 340, 70327 Stuttgart, DE

Zu Bild 1 und 2) When you look down on the Württemberg from above, you immediately notice the many rows. In spring, new plants are planted here. In summer, these grow and then in summer the finished grapes are picked. There are many winegrowers around the Württemberg who then process the grapes into wine and other drinks.

Bild 3) If you take a walk on the Württemberg, you will find many fountains. In general, Stuttgart stands out because of the large number of springs and fountains. The water is not drinkable, but it is very useful to refresh yourself after a long walk!

Bild 4) From the Württemberg you have a beautiful view of the whole of Stuttgart!
The little house in the foreground is a wine manufactory!
Behind it you have a beautiful view of the football pitch of the Untertürkheim sports community!

Bild 5) You can also see the Neckar very well from the Württemberg! The neighbourhood between the railway tracks and the Neckar is the Lindenschulviertel, where I live! Behind the river you can see Wangen and Hedelfingen, the neighbourhood where Diego lives.

Bild 6) Stuttgart also has a small harbour. My father works here as a crane operator. Cargo is transferred from road and rail to ships here and is sent on long journeys from here.

Bild 7) You also have a good view of Gehrenwald and Luginsland, two parts of Untertürkheim. If you look into the right background, you can see a large tower. Unfortunately, Germany is known for often completing construction projects many years after the stated date. The GeWa-Schwabenland Tower in Fellbach near Stuttgart has also been standing still for years and should have been finished long ago. However, it will not be finished before 2023.

Bild 8) Many Germans have a garden plot in addition to their flat or house. Areas where there are many gardens together are called "Strebergartensiedlung". There are also many of them on the Württemberg. The gardens usually consist of a hut with tools in it and various fields where fruit and vegetables are grown. Barbecues are also quite common here!

Bild 9) An important landmark of Stuttgart is the Grabkapelle, which is on the highest point of the Württemberg and offers a fantastic view over the whole of Stuttgart. Among other persons, the former Queen of Württemberg Katharina is buried here.

Bild 10) This picture was taken from the Egelseer Heide. One of the highest points in Stuttgart. If you look straight down you can see the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the stadium of our football club VfB Stuttgart. You can also see the huge Mercedes-Benz headquarters.

Bild 11) The nice thing about Untertürkheim is that you live in the city but somehow also in the country.Behind the grave chapel and the Egelseer Heide, you can take very long walks in the forest. However, you should be careful because it can get quite cold here very quickly; this winter, an unbelievable -20 degrees were measured here.

Bild 12) The Württemberg is often used by skiers and sledders in winter. The mountain is ideal for skiing down slopes quickly and looks very beautiful in winter.


Marienplatz 1, 70178 Stuttgart, DE

The Marienplatz in the south of Stuttgart (near my home) is a meetingpoint for people of every age and every culture.
As you can see on the Pictures there are many Bars/ coffees an much space to sit down.
If the sun is shining the Marienplatz is the place to hook up with friends for a cold drink or a coffee