Stralsund from a different angle

Tour Karl-Marx-Straße 51, 18439 Stralsund, DE

Hey you ! We know that you are definitely expecting a boring rally through Stralsund. But not with us. With our guide you will get to know the most beautiful things and places of Stralsund off the usual routes.

Autor: Tobias Glan

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10, 18439 Alter Markt, DE

Hey you !

We know that you are definitely expecting a boring rally through Stralsund. But not with us. With our guide you will get to know the most beautiful things and places of Stralsund off the usual routes.

Start: Model from Stralsund
Here is, where the party started. Right in front of you, you see an entire model of the city center of Stralsund. Cool, huh ?

Town Hall, church, Cozy seats

1, 18439 Badenstraße, DE

The Town hall, the church and the cool armchairs :

That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but
it´s the station name.

Ossenreyer-Str. , pitfalls

41, 18439 Ossenreyerstraße, DE

The pitfalls:

On the way trough the Ossenreyer Street, you will repeatedly stumble over so called pitfalls, like this. These panels should be a memorial to the Jews who died in the Holocaust.
If you like, you could count how many you see on the track.


5A, 18439 Bielkenhagen, DE

Penguins !!

Okay, unfortunately, there are no penguins in stralsund. The penguins belongs to the maritime museum in Stralsund. But they are still cute.


5A, 18439 Bielkenhagen, DE

Masonic Lodge

Yeah, Stralsund has many things. An fun bath, a cinema and oh yes, a Masonic lodge. You see that to your right. This lodge was founded in 1877.And stands directly opposite a bank. Coincidence ?

gate and restaurant

2, 18439 Heilgeiststraße, DE

Torschließerhaus“ and ,,Kütertor

The ,,Torschließerhaus“ is already since 1281 AD in Stralsund next to the Kütertor. In the past, the Kütertor was one of the gates of the Stralsund Citywall. Today, it is the only one, besides the ,,Knieper Tor“ The ,,Torschließerhaus“ is also a good place to drink a beer

Wallensteinkeller and The Town wall

14B, 18439 Knieperwall, DE

Wallenstein cellar

In the Wallenstein cellar, you can eat with your hands like in the Middle Ages. Of course there is also Met here. As you know it from series like Game of Thrones


1B, 18439 Olof-Palme-Platz, DE

The Vorpommern - theatre:

Now comes a classic but still beautiful landmark: the theatre in Stralsund. It was formed in 1994 by the merger of the Stralsund Theater with the theater in Greifswald.


9, 18439 Schillstraße, DE

The Knieper Tor :

So in front of you, is the other city gate ,,called Knieper Tor“ . But we want not to focus on that.
Try to find out when the house on the picture was built. Hint: The house is located near the gate.

synagogue and monastery

1, 18439 Am Johanniskloster, DE

The old synagogue:

This memorial in the hidden courtyard reminds since 1988 of the destruction of the Jewish community during the holocaust.The inscription means: I give them in my house and in my walls a monument and a name: an eternal name that will not be eradicated. Nearby is a stone woman. What does she do?

St. John's Monastery:

Of course the stone woman belongs to the St. John´s Monastery.The statue is called Pietà and is meant to commemorate the horrors of war. The monastery itself was founded in 1254.Also a short time after the founding of Stralsund. Pretty old, right?


23, 18439 Fährstraße, DE

The statue:

Yes, that sounds like the tittle of a bad horror movie.But the statue points in the direction in which you come to the next station.

old harbor pub

14, 18439 Fährstraße, DE

The Port Bar:

You're thinking: Juhu, another old building

port and the Gorch Fock

1, 18439 An der Fährbrücke, DE

Pokestops !!:

Yes, right Pokemon GO. If you play Pokemon GO, you will like this spot. Now: Gotta catch them all !

The Gorch Fock:

What belongs to harbors ? Of course ships ! Here you can see the sailing ship Gorch Fock.The ship was built in 1933, and has been in the port of Stralsund since 2003. This guy doesn’t want to leave Stralsund, i think.

big Memory and the Ozeaneum

50, 18439 Hafenstraße, DE


5, 18439 Neue Badenstraße, DE

Fishing Cutter:

Fish rolls belong to Northern Germany like Fish and Chips to England. So,Congratulations, you've made it over halfway!

colorful streets from Stralsund

22, 18439 Badstüberstraße, DE

The beautiful side streets:

The side streets of Stralsund are like this rally: small, adventurous and beautiful. You can use the last big part of the rally to enjoy the atmosphere of the narrow side streets. Before you arrive at the final station.


28, 18439 Papenstraße, DE

Forge culture

9, 18439 Jacobichorstraße, DE

new market

9, 18439 Neuer Markt, DE

Go and eat something :)


10, 18439 Marienstraße, DE

St. Mary´s Church:

You made it. You arrived at the final boss, and it's …. the St. Mary's Church.Until a fire in 1549 it was the tallest building in the world.

The End

78, 18439 Tribseer Damm, DE