Tour around San Pedro de Ceque

Tour Calle Grande 18, 49628 San Pedro de Ceque, ES

In thius tour im goingo to show San pedro de Ceque a little village of Zamora

Autor: I.E.S. Los Valles

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The church

Is the church of San Pedro de Ceque. It was built in the 12th century. Is used to pray. It is made of stone

The stone fountain

The stone fountain was used to wash clothes and the water went down to same laundry. It is build of stone.

The town hall

This is the town halll, it s used to run the town. It is made of stone and the politic people are meets in.

The cemetery

The cemetery is used to bury people

The park

This is the park were children play. There is also football field in. Its is big and very pretty. It also has a tennis camp and a paddle camp.