Tour N-525 21, 49626 Santa Marta de Tera, ES

in these tour i am going to Santa Marta de tera in Zamora

Autor: I.E.S. Los Valles

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church Santa María

this church used for masses, its found in Santa Marta de Tera. The church of Santa Marta, a world heritage site, has a hole in the wall where on the summer and winter solstices, a ray of sunlight falls directly on an image of the jesus resucitado.

city hall Santa Marta de Tera

its found in the street Plaza Mayor and calle carretera. In the afternoons they give coffee and what they raise they spend doing bingo at night

fountain Santa Marta de Tera

its found in Las Heras. these fountain is well-known because this water is cool. It is covered by a roof that gives it shade and has some benches to rest on.


the river its found in windmill. You can do canoe routes


its found in las heras. In this park there are swings for children.