Wales-the land of castles

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The unique castles of wales and their legacy that has survived to the present day.

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Caernarfon Castle

Castle Ditch, LL55 2AY Caernarfon, GB

The Caernarfon Castle

The Caernarfon Castle is an impressive building which not only surprises with his architecture but also his history and meaning to wales. It has a very important past, if you are in the north of wales, and it’s worth visiting it.

Caernafon castle was built in the 13th century by king Edward the first. Originally the castle was built to have control over north wales but also to scare and intimidate the welsh population. It was one of the buildings which were built along the coast and symbolize that England dominate. But not only that, through the tower of Caernarfon and his huge walls it symbolizes its military power and his political strength.

Over the centuries, the Caernafon castle suffered a lot of damage and almost felt apart. Until the 1960s where Restoration work began and brought the Caernafon Castle back to his original state. Today you can see the castle in fool brightness.

Some of the highlights for example are the massive walls, or the impressive architecture. Everyone can explore for example the inner courtyard or the royal chambers. But if you want to learn more about the history of the castle, then the visitor center is the perfect opportunity for you. Or you go in the tower from where you get a breathtaking view.

Caernafon Castle stands as an old symbol of power and for the history and rich culture of wales. Because of its beautiful presents and and captivating story’s it’s a must visit destination for everyone, especially if you like castles which are rich in history.

Cardiff Castle

Duke Street 5, CF10 1AY Cardiff, GB

Cardiff Castle is a fantastic place to visit, located in the heart of Cardiff. This historical fortress has a long and interesting history.

What makes the castle so attractive is its stunning design and rich history. It was built around since Roman times. As the centuries passed, it transformed into the grand castle that we can see today. The Normans played a huge role in creating the castle in 11th century, and later generations added their own unique features. The result we can see right now: there is a different architectural styles. Cardiff Castle is even more beautiful inside with Gothic-style rooms, big halls, and colorful glass windows.

Visiting Cardiff Castle is a great way to learn about history and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Do you love history or just want an unbelievable place to visit, Cardiff Castle has something for everyone. (Photo)


Cardigan castle

Bridge Street 8, SA43 1HY Cardigan, GB

Cardigan castle in Wales 

Cardigan castle one of wales most famous castle wich has been lived for 900 years and baers the marks from the medieval to the civil war. It is a castle full of history and meaning to wales. It is a must have to do if you visit wales. 

Cardigan castle located in the town of Cardigan in Wales is a beautiful medieval castle. Its origins dating back to the 12th century when it was built by Gilbert declare a powerful Norman Lord. Over the years the castle played a significant role in Welsh history witnessing conflicts between Welsh Prince and English kings. Lord Rhys ap Gruffydd then build the first stone castle and the completion of it in 1176 and held a gathering with musicians and poets wich later on was the first national Eisteddfod festival and still is.
In the past years the cardigan castle underwent a restorations to present but also keep his historical significance. 

The castle restoration project was completed in 2015 and to receive its former glory entrance form it into a culture and heritage center.
Cardigan castle not only has a historical side it also became a culture hub because of individuals events including music festivals ,theatre performances and art exhibition and this all serves the community.
In my opinion Cardigan is a must visit if you are in weals and it has something for everyone from historical meaning to nature and festivals.


Powis Castle

SY21 8RF Welshpool, GB

Powis castle
Powis Castle is a castle, fortress and grand country house near Welshpool, in Powys, Wales.
Powis Castle was built in the mid-13th century by a Welsh prince - Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn, who wanting to makes his independence from his enemies, the aggressive princes of Gwynedd (North Wales).. By the late 13th century, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd of Gwynedd had established himself as Prince of Wales, and in 1274 he destroyed Powis Castle, forcing Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn into exile.
However, in three years Llywelyn’s had crushed leaving Gruffudd of Powys able to recover his lordship and rebuild the castle. Furnished with, furniture, world- class paintings, and the Collection of South Asian objects.
With views across the Severn Valley, the world-famous garden retains many of its original features including 17th century Italianate terraces lined with vibrant herbaceous borders and 30ft clipped yew trees, an Edwardian formal garden with century-old apple trees and rose beds, and a peaceful woodland area.
In my opinion Powis castle looks better and has a very nice garden, which makes this castle more attractive and green. This castle has also a very nice histroy and looks very good.
In the conclusion i want to say, that this castle should be visited by every person, who is traveling in Wales

Dinefwr castle

Llandeilo, GB

Dinefwr Castle is a must-visit sight for people that like history and nature. This castle based in the heart of Wales, have amazing beauty and a rich history.

You can see the remains of the castle and enjoy the beautiful countryside around it. Dinefwr castle built around the 12th century, and it has a lot of history. It once played a one of the main roles in Welsh history, with big buttles and pilitical intrigues. After many years the castle has remained in fairly good condition. When you walk through the castle, it feels like you're going back in time and imagining how people were living here.

The castle located in Dinefwr Park, a visit to which will add an extra layer of beauty and historical and cultural experience. (Photo)


Carew Castle

Tenby, GB

Carew Castle
Carew Castle is a castle in the civil parish of Carew in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The Carew family take their name from this site and have owned the castle for more than 900 years.
Gerald de Windsor was constable of the Castle on behalf of Henry I when he decided to build his own fortification on the Carew River, some 16 Kilometer up from Pembroke. Gerald’s fortification was built of earth and wooden stakes. This fortification was later builded by a stone Castle. Much of what remains of Carew Castle today was the work of Sir Nicholas de Carew (who died in 1311), who was responsible in particular for the east and west ranges. The castle set in a stunning location overlooking a 23- acre Millpond, the Castle is one of the most architecturally diverse in Wales; from the west a Norman fortress, yet from the north a splendid Elizabethan mansion. Carew Castle is one of the most magnificent castles of south Wales.
I would recommand anyone who loves nature and old castles to visit Carew castle, because the castle and its location will fully meet your requirements.
In the conclusion I want to say, that Carew castle is a very good place for tourist, who are inter ested in Wales castles