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Welcome to St. Anthony's Church (St. Antoniuskirche). The stations provide information, additional images and in some cases, sounds. According to your interest, you can choose the order of the stations.

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Interior view from main entrance

The interior design of the church was changed several times. When it was inaugurated in 1851, it was only whitewashed - also because of costs. In 1902, the painter Adolf Quensen/Braunschweig decorated the interior of the church with colourful art nouveau ornaments and the Christmas picture above the altar. During the renovation in 1965, a grey/white colour scheme was chosen and the mural was painted over as the authorities of the monument preservation asked for it. Finally, in 2000/2001, as a compromise, the painting on the mural was uncovered again, the Art Nouveau painting from 1902 was restored in the chancel and the 1965 version was renovated in the rest of the church. Thus some traces of history were visibly preserved.


The altarpiece was designed in 1902 by sculptor Wilhelm Sagebiel from Braunschweig. It shows Moses with the table of the commandments, Jesus on the cross and John the Baptist with a lamb on his arm. The pulpit was also made by Wilhelm Sagebiel.

Altar wall

The painting on the wall of the altar was created by painter Adolf Quensen from Braunschweig when the church was painted in 1902. It shows the birth of Jesus in a stable with a star, angels, shepherds and wise men.

Coloured windows

The stained glass windows around the altar are donations from citizens of Hasselfelde. They were designed by the Müller/Quedlinburg company in 1902. The successor company Schneemelcher restored them in 1998. The round window shows Christ as the Risen Lord and ruler of the world. The scroll in his hands say: "Behold, I am with you always" from the Gospel of Matthew 28:20. In the window on the south side, communion symbols lead the eye upwards to the chalice. The north window shows flower and crown symbols and ends in the upper arch at a cross with a victory wreath.


In 1851 the organ was built by Wilhelm Boden from Halberstadt. It was built as a romantic instrument with mechanical action. Since then it has been rebuilt several times and adapted to the taste of the time. It has two manuals, a pedal keyboard and 25 register with about 1500 pipes.
Click on the headphone symbol to hear the song "Lob Gott getrost mit Singen" (Praise God confidently with singing) in different sounds.


There are three bronze bells in the belfry:
- from 1968 tone: as - by Schilling/Apolda
- from 2012 - tone: ges - by Gießerei Lauchhammer
- from 1925 - tone: es - by Radler/Hildesheim
Older bells from the 19th century had to be handed in during the 1st and 2nd World War and were melted down for armament purposes.
The clock bell in the tower lantern was probably casted by Stützer in Benneckenstein in 1859. Due to its inaccessibility and small amount of material, it has survived until now.
In the sound file (headphone symbol), the peal of bells begin in the above order.

Discover beautiful details

Where can these decorative elements be seen ? Tip: All are visible from the accessible part of the church.

Worship services and open church

Sundays as a rule
8.30 a.m. Catholic Mass
11 a.m. Protestant service

Trombone Choir - Now give thanks all to God

Open church for quiet contemplation:
Summer months
- Tuesdays to Sundays
Winter months
- Thursdays to Sundays

Discoveries outside

The rose window above the main portal is hard to miss. Many churches were decorated with such window roses. They symbolise God's love spreading out in all directions.
The other pictures invite you to take a walk around the church.


The church was also destroyed by the great city fire of 1834. Its name was transferred to the present church, which was built between 1846 and 1851.
The construction was directed by district architect Carl Heinrich Frühling/Blankenburg according to plans by architect Carl Theodor Ottmer/Braunschweig.
In 1981, reports from the construction period were found when the tower knob was opened. After the knob and cross were re-gilded, they were stored there again also with new documents.


The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.

from Psalm 121 verses 7+8